Public hearings in Riscani. The ‘Water supply and sanitation’ component from the Rayon Socio-Economic Development Strategy discussed

On Friday, 28 September at the Riscani Rayon Council public hearings were organised on the draft chapter 'Water supply and sanitation services' of Riscani Rayon Socio-Economic Development Strategy  (2018-2025), updated in the context of a project for improvement of water supply and sanitation services financed by the European Union.

The event was attended by local public authorities level I and II and chairmen of speciality commissions of Riscani Rayon Council, members of the Local Group for strategic planning, water utilities operator, representatives of non-governmental organisations, civil society from Riscani rayon and experts in the given field.

During public hearings the findings of the diagnostic analysis on sector development in Riscani rayon were presented, as well as some recommendations regarding the development of water supply and sanitation services sector in the rayon for 2018-2025. Also, the participants discussed and approved the updated component of Riscani Rayon Socio-Economic Development Strategy.  

The draft of the 'Water Supply and Sanitation services' component from the mentioned Strategy will be presented for final approval at the Riscani Rayon Council meeting. Additionally, as part of Riscani Rayon Council, a working group for the monitoring of the concerned component implementation will be established.

The project 'Improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Pascauti, Damascani, Proscureni, Galaseni, Malaiesti and Hiliuti localities, Rascani rayon' is financed by the European Union in cooperation with the 'Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova' project implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment and North RDA and financially supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish Government, the Romanian Government and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). As a result of project implementation, in the six villages 19,6 km of drinking water distribution networks will be constructed, as well as 40 km of sewage networks. Also, a main water pipeline, 26 km long will be constructed. As part of the project, in the six villages 3 waste water treatment plants will be constructed, as well as 1 water treatment plant and 1 pumping station for 28 localities in Riscani rayon. The estimated value of the project is EUR 3.5 million.


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