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About the project (Phase 1, 2010-2016)


Project Objective

Improved Local Public Serviсes in selected villages and towns in the Republic of Moldova through the following activities:

Intervention Area I: Local Public Services

  • Investment in innovative technologies and infrastructure;
  • Increased capacities and modernised management of services;
  • Enhanced inter-municipal cooperation and local participation.

Intervention Area II: Regional Planning and Programming

  • Enhanced coordination between institutions at the local, regional and central levels through coherent planning and programming of investment;
  • Regional sector planning in the fields of water and sanitation, solid waste management and energy efficiency in public buildings;
  • Development of a pipeline of projects, prioritised and ready for implementation.

Intervention Area III: German Investment Support

  •  Consolidated absorption capacities of regional development investments.


  • Ministry of Regional Development and Construction;
  • Regional Development Agencies and Councils;
  • Communities from the North, Centre and South Regions of the Republic of Moldova.


January 2010 - December 2015


  • Total budget Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova: EUR 23.8 million.

- Government of Germany: EUR 12.6 million;
- Government of Sweden: EUR 5.5 million;
- Government of Romania: EUR 0.7 million;
- European Union: EUR 5.0 million.

  • German Investment Support: EUR 7.3 million (Government of Germany).

Download the project's activity plan for 2015:

Download the project's activity plan for 2014:

Download the project's activity plan for 2013:

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