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Inhabitants of Floresti Rayon choose a cleaner environment

11.11.2014   901 Views   North RDA

The organizers of awareness and information campaign entitled 'For health and a cleaner environment, collect waste separately', launched in January this year, presented to the community the results obtained so far in the context of a press conference. On this occasion, was launched the joint stock company 'Floreşti Sanitation Services'.

Awareness and information campaign takes place within the project 'Improvement of solid waste management services in Floreşti rayon' implemented by North Regional Development Agency (North RDA) and financed by the German Government through the project 'Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova' managed by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ. The communication campaign is managed by the Regional Development Agency 'Habitat', a public association specialized in the provision of services of public interest for sustainable development in the rural area of the Dniester basin region.

According to the Director of North RDA, Ion Bodrug, regional development, especially regionalization of municipal services, is very complicated, and 'an awareness and information campaign for waste management projects is more than necessary, it is mandatory'. 'We had the opportunity to study the arduous experience of other countries in this area' said the Director of North RDA.

'I think that people will understand the importance of dumps liquidation, reducing their number, since it means living in a healthy environment, a benevolent environment, a friendly environment' said the Vice-president of Rayon, Procopie Sura.

'Even if we make small steps in the correct direction, we will get somewhere if we want to do something' said the Mayor of Floreşti Rayon, Grigore Cojocaru.

In turn, the head of the Ecological Inspection Floreşti, Vitalie Ciorba, welcomed the organization of an awareness and information campaign on correct solid waste management.

The Center for Public Health Floreşti welcomes, as well, the implementation of solid waste management project in the rayon. 'We agree with this project, which perhaps came late to us. It's good, though, that it came and we support it, because we are at such a stage that, unless we take action, we will have complications in terms of public health' said Gheorghe Moraru, Head of Department at Public Health Center.

Joint Stock Company 'Sanitation Services Floreşti', registered on 20 August this year, is active since 1 October in the 11 municipalities contracted in the rayon. 'Unfortunately, at the moment we render services only in six municipalities. Currently we are working with two municipalities on contracting population' said the director of JSC 'Sanitation Services Floreşti', Nicolae Rusu.

Information and awareness campaign organizers reported that promotional material distributed emphasize the benefits of separate collection of waste for health and environment. 'I think that getting involved for health and a cleaner environment is the nobler action' said Valeriu Rusu, Executive Director of RDA 'Habitat'.

The campaign's slogan, 'For health and a cleaner environment, collect waste separately', accompanies the 20,000 leaflets distributed to the citizens in Floresti, Rezina and Şoldăneşti rayons within the 35 public meetings planned. Also, 400 posters were installed in 35 localities in the three rayons. The campaign's message is visible on the 40 billboards.

Consultants of RDA 'Habitat' had planned to hold 70 public thematic lessons for students of 35 schools from the three rayons. As well there were organized three themed drawing contests for students.

The campaign also involved advice for local citizens committees, which ensure the smooth running of the waste management project. Committees are groups of initiative, who voluntarily engage in community mobilization to collect waste separately and punctually pay the fee for public service.

About the project

Since 2014, on the territory of Floresti Rayon, part of the Development Region North, the project 'Improving solid waste management in Şoldăneşti, Rezina and Floreşti rayons' is monitored by North RDA with the support of GIZ advisors within North RDA. Earlier, in the range of Floresti Rayon, the project was conducted by Centre RDA.

With a total budget of MDL 40 million, from German government's sources, the project is an interregional one, successful implementation of which will lead to the development of targeted communities and reduce the number of illnesses of the population.

So far in Floreşti rayon, 215 waste disposal platforms were built and technical equipment was purchased. However, it is to be built a sanitary landfill at Şoldăneşti, two recycling centres in Şoldăneşti and Floresti, two transfer stations in Cotiujenii Mari, Şoldăneşti and Floreşti rayons.

Initially, after the project's implementation, about 39,000 residents of Floreşti rayon will benefit from a common solid waste management system.

Currently, the project was divided into two projects, as follows: (1) 'Improving solid waste management services in Floreşti rayon' (North RDA) and (2) 'Improving solid waste management services in Şoldăneşti and Rezina rayons' (Centre RDA).

Development Region North has, since February 2014, a Regional Sector Programme in solid waste management sector, developed with the support of GIZ. The document is an operational tool for regional planning, which aims to increase the capacity of local public authorities in developing sustainable regional projects and creating conditions for development of projects flow in waste management.






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