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Moldovan PM attends opening of waste sorting station

14.08.2014   972 Views   www.gov.md

A waste sorting station was inaugurated in the Calugar village and will serve 11 villages in the area, as well as the Falesti town. Attending the event was Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, on a working visit to the Falesti district, north-western Moldova. He said such projects contributed to modernisation and sustainable development of the country.

"It is very important what we leave to our descendants, beautiful nature we have and get rid of this waste. The more such projects will be carried out in our settlements, the more so we will get to another way of life. We will not have European villages without sewerage and without water", Leanca said.

The waste sorting station was built within an EU-financed project on cross border improvement of municipal solid waste management from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

"The project shows us where European money is used. Due to the money from the EU, roads and aqueducts, community centres and healthcare centres, schools and kindergartens have been restored," Leanca noted. He added that a good management of environment and its adjustment to the international standards was a commitment Moldova had assumed in the country's European integration,.

The project amounted to 5 million lei. The sum was used for 30 platforms, 2 special vehicles and a waste sorting ramp. The project started in 2012. GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) participated in its implementation as well.

The authorities are to create a European system of garbage collection and processing and to reduce the number of waste landfills until 2027.

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