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Media Interested in Regional Development Projects Implemented by RDA Center

21.11.2013   2905 Views   RDA Center

On November 20, 2013, a group of journalists and bloggers made a documentation visit to a number of regional development projects implemented by RDA Center. The media representatives visited 4 projects implemented by RDA Center. The first site visited by journalists was the Road in Vărzăreşti, Nisporeni rayon, built under the „Development of Transport Infrastructure for the Best Use of Tourism Potential of Center Development Region" Project. Here, the journalists met the President of Nisporeni rayon, Mr.Vasile Bîtca, the Project Manager, Mr. Zagaiciuc Feodor and the Deputy Mayor of Vărzăreşti village, Kiril Gorceac. The journalists also interviewed the project beneficiaries, who seemed to be extremely satisfied with the changes in their village and suggested that the local authorities should make efforts to repair all roads in the village.

The second project targeted by journalists was „Sanitation of Localities in Nisporeni, Străşeni and Călăraşi Rayons for a Clean and Healthy Environment" Project, the outcomes of which are for the benefit of 13 localities in Nisporeni, Străşeni and Călăraşi rayons. Here, the journalists visited the platforms built under the project and the Polygon for SHM disposal, which will be commissioned by the end of this year. The journalists had the opportunity to see the 2 garbage trucks purchased under the project for the Municipal Enterprise in Nisporeni town and the bins for selective garbage collection. The mayor of Nisporeni town, Ion Gangan, the Project Manager, Valeriu Profirii and the Director of the Municipal Enterprise Nisporeni assured that the locals would not have to pay extra costs for waste disposal after the new polygon is commissioned.

The drinking water treatment plant in Manoilesti commune was the next destination for the journalists interested in the regional development process. This plant was built under the project entitled „12,000 Citizens Provided with Drinking Water in 12 localities" , developing a drinking water supply system in Mănoileşti, Unţeşti, Alexeevca, Lidovca, Cetireni, Floriţoaia Veche, Floritoaia Nouă, Grozasca and Novaia Nicolaevca villages in Ungheni rayon. Here the journalists discussed with the site manager Mocanu Dumitru and with the Mayor of Manoilesti commune, Grigore Popa. The journalists saw with their own eyes that the water issue was paramount because due to the high content of fluorine in the water, there had been several cases of infection among the population.

The visit continued with Pirlita project, where the mayor of the village,   Bejan Ion, who is also the manager of "Access to Public Life" project told the journalists about how the idea of writing this project emerged. The local residents support the mayor's initiative, particularly as the road leads to the Museum of Pirlita village, where the group of journalists was invited to see the exposed cult objects of undoubted value. The project provides for the renovation of a portion of a regional road with the length of 1.978 km from Parlita village, Ungheni rayon.

According to the cooperation agreement signed between the Independent Press Association and MRDC, during the period between October 2013 - February 2014, IPA will conduct several activities to help journalists/media outlets and active bloggers to acquire documents on topics related to regional development, to strengthen the knowledge and the analysis capacity through communication and interaction with industry experts and beneficiaries of regional development.

The activities will be conducted under the "Integrated efforts to promote regional development in media's agenda" project, funded by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ (GIZ) and selected under an open grant competition for non-governmental networks and media organizations.

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