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Centre Regional Development Agency visited by a group of experts from Netherlands

14.09.2018   225 Views  

Today, 13 September a meeting on the subject of solid waste management (SWM) took place at the Centre Regional Development Agency.  The specialists from the Strategic Planning and Programming (SPP) Division  were visited by a team of experts from Netherlands and Rodica Russu, the mayor of Telita village from Anenni Noi rayon.

Jessie Post, project manager at the Agency for Cooperation of Intermunicipal Associations from Netherlands briefed the participants on PanEuropean initiative CONNECT (the visit to Moldova is part of this), which provides expertise in various fields for around 100 municipalities from across European Union and beyond.

Rodica Russu talked about the goal of the Dutch experts' visit and expectations of the community in Anenii Noi rayon with regard to cooperation with this team. Thus, as a result of this visit to Moldova, the experts will develop a local strategy and an action plan for the creation of a functional SWM service in Anenii Noi area.

Ala Bragoi, head of SPP division and Denis Parea, GIZ/MLPS national advisor made a presentation of Centre RDA, SWM sector in Centre Region and national and regional policies in the concerned field. Also, a series of recommendations were set out for the development of the action plan.

As a result of cooperation between the Dutch experts and local authorities from Anenii Noi rayon it is planned to draft a plan of activities for the creation of three SWM micro-zones which will ensure a stable public service in all 25 localities of Anenii Noi rayon.



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