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Report on current situation in the Solid Waste Management sector presented to members of North RDC speciality commission

07.06.2018   90 Views   ADR Nord

Members of Regional Sector Commission in the field of Solid Waste Management (SWM RSC) from North Development Region, created with GIZ (German Development Cooperation through GIZ) support under the ‘Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova’ (MLPS) project  have met in the second meeting on Wednesday, 6 June at the Falesti Rayon Council.

The event was, also, attended by representatives of Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE), Falesti RDC, State Ecological Inspectorate, GIZ advisors and experts and North RDA specialists.

‘We have gathered today to discuss the most stringent problems of the region in the SWM sector and identify best solutions for each of the problems’, mentioned Bolocan Svetlana, the Head of the MARDE Division for chemicals and solid waste management policies. MARDE representatives spoke further about the new legal provisions in the field of solid waste management.

At the beginning of the meeting, the co-chair of SWM RSC, Victor Cimpoies expressed the belief that the participatory approach in the decision-making process having an impact on the region will contribute to the strengthening of intermunicipal cooperation in the field of SWM. In his turn, Denis Parea, national advisor reconfirmed that the German Development Cooperation through GIZ is open to provide the necessary support to the Commission, so it carries out its mission efficiently.

Members of SWM RSC discussed the current situation in the sector specific to North Development Region according to the information of the report based on the results of questionnaires completed by local public authorities from the concerned region. The report was presented by Tamara Guvir, GIZ expert who referred, also, to the priorities in arranging temporary landfills, selected from existing dump sites.

Further, Vlad Ghitu, GIZ regional advisor presented to the members of the Commission a case study in the SWM sector on the situation of waste collection and disposal in Balti municipality and Irina Ursu, representative of State Ecological Inspectorate spoke about the procedures of applying penalties in the SWM sector.  

At the meeting, the members of the Commission got acquainted with the Work Plan of SWM RSC for 2nd quarter and approved it.

SWM RSC was created based on the Decision no. 3 from 29 June 2017 of North RDC. Also, back then North RDC approved the operating rules of the created structure. The functionality of the Commission will be ensured by North RDA with support from MLPS project, implemented by GIZ with financial support of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Romanian Government, Swedish Government, European Union and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

It should be noted, that at the first meeting, members of SWM RSC elected Victor Cimpoies as chair of the Commission who is the executive director of Public Association ‘Cutezatorul’ from Falesti and is known for his experience in the concerned field. Silvia Nicolaescu, deputy head of the MARDE Division for pollution prevention and waste management is the co-chair approved by the Decision no.2 from 27 September 2017 of North Regional Development Council (RDC).

As part of its work, SWM RSC will debate draft decisions elaborating recommendations on them, which will be further, presented at North RDC meetings. The Commission will have the task to examine and approve regional development priorities in the SWM sector, promote regional projects among donors and investors, examine with specialised independent expert support the project pipeline, various surveys, analysis and recommendations for the formation of a regional vision on the development of the given sector.

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