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MLPS project management and representatives of European Investment Bank paid a working visit to North Development Region

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Managers of ‚Modernization of Local Public Services in  the Republic of Moldova’ (MLPS) project, implemented by German Development Cooperation through GIZ and representatives of European Investment Bank (EIB) paid a working visit to North Development Region.

The MLPS project delegation consisted of Philipp Johannsen, GIZ country director and MLPS project manager, Alexandr Muravschi, national senior advisor in policy coordination on regional development and Petru Veverita, national senior advisor in regional planning and programming. Tama Guvir, EIB representative, also, took part in the working visit.

The MLPS project managers and EIB representative began the working visit at North RDA, where together with the director Ion Bodrug and Agency’s specialists talked about the achievemnts and activities of MLPS projects planned for 2017. During the discussions were, also, mentioned certain challenges that might appear and at the same time identifying solutions in this respect.

Ion Bodrug, director of North RDA mentioned that the Agency has a very good cooperation with the three MLPS/GIZ regional advisors delegated to North Development Region and the pilot projects carried out with MLPS support show a good example to local authorities. 'The pilot projects implemented in this period set an example for local public administrations how to get involved and work with the citizens, nongovernmental organisations and even with national funds available to local authorities’, pointed out director of North RDA.

Philipp Johannsen, GIZ country director and MLPS project manager reiterated the importance of an open dialogue during this working visit.  'It is good to highlight the priorities, but, also, identify the challenges and the solutions in this respect. I want to tell you sincerely, that I have learned from you a lot in the last seven and a half years in the spirit of cooperation. We, the MLPS and North RDA teams practically grew up together as we jointly initiated certain projects. And thanks to the projects we evolved. I think that you have an already built team, a very strong one which has gone through difficult and more or less easy times and thus got strengthened. I consider, that in this context you have all the rights to be very ambitious and desire for more, because the North Developmnet Region deserves much more’, mentioned Philipp Johannsen.

During discussions, the participants talked about the role of Regional Sector Commissions in project implementation processes. Given the background, the director Ion Bodrug pointed out that North RDA needs a specialist who would ensure the functionality of the commissions. In the first stage priority should be given to creating the and functioning of the commissions in the fields of Water Supply and Sanitation and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings. An important role of these Commissions, among others will relate to information campaigns and promotion of projects to be implemented in the region.

Further, the delegation visited Glodeni town, where it had a meeting with Ion Leuca, president of rayon and of North Regional Development Council. During the meeting the participants discussed regarding development perspectives of Glodeni rayon. Also, the role and importance the regions and Regional Development Councils (RDC) could play in local and regional development in the Republic of Moldova were discussed.

Ion Leuca, president of Glodeni rayon: 'Glodeni Rayon has much to be proud of. For example, in the past Glodeni was famous for cultivating tobacco and sugar beet. Almost all lands in the rayon are cultivated. We have different ideas we want to implement and for this we have to become more attractive for investors, creating better conditions in this respect. Of course, challenges exist, but we try not to give up. The most important, in my opinion is for us to be able to create as many jobs as possible’.

The MLPS project managers and EIB representative concluded the working visit in Riscani town, where they had a meeting with Galina Zamurdac, Vice-President of rayon and mayors of localities where water supply and sanitation projects will be implemented.

Galina Zamurdac, Vice-President of Riscani rayon: 'Water is crucial for development, as water means life. In other words, we can say that water means development... This is why I want to thank you for the whole support provided by GIZ to Riscani rayon with regard to water supply and sanitation needs and for the one to come'.

It is to mention that, in the next years North RDA is going to implement six projects in the North Development Region with European Union finacnial support through MLPS/GIZ: four projects in Water Supply and Sanitation and two projects in Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings. Just recently, at two workshops, North RDA specialists and MLPS/GIZ have informed the local authorities concerned on the implementation modality of projects with EU financing based on donor’s requirements and experience gained by MLPS project implemented by GIZ.   

The project 'Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova' (MLPS) is implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ and is financially supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish Government, the Romanian Government, the European Union and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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