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A new meeting of MLPS project Monitoring Committee took place

12.05.2017   790 Views  

On 12 May, members of Monitoring Committee of ‘Modernization of Local Public Services’ (MLPS) project implemented by German Development Cooperation through GIZ met in a new working meeting. The goal of the session was to discuss the project results in the reporting period January -March 2017 and activities planned for next quarter (April – July 2017). 

The event was attended by representatives from Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC), Regional Development Agencies (North, Centre, South and TAU Gagauzia), development partners and MLPS co-financing partners, as well as, MLPS project advisors. 

Anatol Usatii, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction and Chair of MLPS Monitoring Committee: 'The event today is not only to summarise MLPS work during the last three months, but also, to serve as a platform for discussing other regional development related subjects.  We reached a point when certain processes should be catalysed. And, I am convinced we will manage to do this and mobilization in this case is most important’.

Philipp Johannsen, GIZ country director and MLPS project manager: 'This meeting is an opportunity for sincere, open and efficient discussions. The presentations to be made aim at highlighting MLPS project achievements in the last quarter and, also at identifying the challenges encountered'.

During the meeting, MLPS/GIZ advisors talked about the achievements and challenges encountered in the four intervention areas of the project during the reporting period. They also mentioned the activities planned for the next quarter of 2017 and identified the issues that might appear in the future, identifying, at the same time, the possible solutions in this respect.

The project 'Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova' (MLPS) is implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ and is financially supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish Government, the Romanian Government, the European Union and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

For more details discussed during the event, please access the presentation HERE.

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