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In Cahul was organized another meeting of the PWG in Waste Management Zone 3 in SDR

17.07.2015   1044 Views  

On 16 July, within Cahul Rayon Council was held another meeting of the project working group (PWG) in waste management zone 3 (WMZ 3) in South Development Region (SDR).

The event was attended by members of the PWG from the three rayons that are part of WMZ 3 (Cahul, Cantemir and Taraclia), representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Environment, Cahul Rayon Council, local public administration (LPA) from Cahul, ATU Gagauzia and representatives of the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

The objective of the meeting was to inform the members of PWG on project activities for the period April - July 2015, and to determine next steps of activity. At the meeting was presented the progress in the development of the feasibility study (FS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in WMZ 3 from DRS , it was discussed the initiation of accession of LPA to the Integrated Waste Management System (SMID) and new issues related to land use change in WMZ3 within SDR.

In order to implement the action plan for the integrated solid waste management strategy in SDR, approved in December 2011 by South Regional Development Council (South RDC), in 2013, within the GIZ project ‘Modernization of local public services’ (MLPS), was initiated the development of project concept for WMZ 3. The development of this project concept aims to develop the FS and EIA.

The development of the FS was initiated in 2014. During the period 2014 - April 2015, there were conducted assessment activities related to the current situation and forecast in waste management, selection of land for the location of waste management infrastructure, geotechnical studies, surveying, analysis of technical options, chapters’ describing conditions on FS and EIA. On 9 April 2015, the Inter-ministerial Commission approved the development of possible project concept for WMZ3 in SDR into viable project concept.

During the period April-July 2015, there were further developed the FS chapters, focusing on developing the viable project concept for the facilities of the new integrated waste management system (SMID), namely for the regional landfill and transfer stations. It was also initiated the EIA procedure, which involves description of potential impacts and their mitigation measures for waste management facilities.

The project ‘Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova’ is implemented by German Development Cooperation through GIZ and is financially supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the European Union.

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