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Regional Development Agencies successfully make use of a modern document management system

28.04.2015   669 Views   GIZ

Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) will finally be able to get rid of the multitude of paper documents they work with every day, using a modern document management system - SIADR. Thus, the minutes which acknowledge the successful pilot implementation of the system were signed on 27 April 2015. 

SIADR is fully compatible with the Information System for the Management of Documents and Records in Central Public Authorities - SIGEDIA. This includes the State Chancellery and eight ministries, including the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, to which the RDAs are subordinated.

The financial support for connecting the RDAs to the single information system was granted by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the 'Modernization of local public services in Moldova' Project, managed by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

Annually, over 1500 documents are included in each RDA mail registry. This figure does not take into account the substantial package of documents accompanying public procurement procedures. Annually, each RDA spends approx. 30,000 MDL on paper.

'SIADR is a very useful, fast, functional, simple and user-friendly system. The purpose of the system, of replacing transmission of tasks on paper with electronic transmission, has been achieved. Thus, we save the time reserved for printing, recording, and conveying the task that is to be performed to the person assigned to it', explains Maria Culesov, the director of South RDA.

The SIGEDIA Project is part of the 'Government without paper' initiative. This initiate aims to cut the expenditures borne by Government and streamline the work of civil servants. Project implementation will reduce administrative costs on account of a reduction of the volume of paper and office equipment used for the circulation of public documents. Annually, around 13 million MDL are spent on paper. In addition, the reception time of official correspondence shall be reduced from a few days, which refers to paper correspondence, to a few seconds within SIGEDIA. 

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