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Project's News

The German Government Awarded the Nominees of „Gala Moldova Eco -Energetica” 2013 Award Ceremony
The German government awarded four nominees of "Gala Moldova Eco Energetica" 2013 Award Ceremony, held on December 6, 2013. The German contribution to the award can be accessed for participation in specialized courses for EUREM energy managers, international conferences in the field or conducting of an energy audit, depending on winners' preferences.
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Workshop on Annual Regional Planning in Solid Waste Management and Energy Efficiency
The 5th regional and local sectoral planning building capacity workshop was held in the North region under "Modernization of Local Public Services" project, area of intervention 2, "Regional Planning and Programming" for the purpose of launching the regional planning process in Energy Efficiency (EE) and Solid Waste Management (SWM) sectors
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Best Practices and Technical Competence Exchange for Regional Projects Development
Early this week the Western Region of Romania hosted the "Cooperation in Regional Development" conference, organized jointly with the Republic of Moldova. The purpose of the event, held in Timisoara, was the exchange of best practices between the West Region, Romania and the North, Center and South Development regions of our country and building of technical skills for developing regional projects and identifying resources needed to implement projects with European funding.
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The Street Lighting Project for Six Localities in Soroca Rayon Was Awarded by the Best Practices Program
On November 22, 2013, the street lighting system project in Tatarauca Veche, Soroca, received the IInd award by the Good Practice Program "Successful Models for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in the Community".
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Premiere: Since 2014, the Officials from LPA I and Rayon Councils Will Be Able to Attend the Regional Development Training Course at the Academy of Public Administration
Since 2014, a number of representatives of local authorities will be able to attend the first training course on regional development offered by the Academy of Public Administration (APA). Thus, for five days (40 hours), they will learn more about regional development policies, about how neighboring communities can cooperate to jointly provide public services and how funding sources can be attracted.
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Media Interested in Regional Development Projects Implemented by RDA Center
On November 20, 2013, a group of journalists and bloggers made a documentation visit to a number of regional development projects implemented by Center RDA. The media representatives visited 4 projects implemented by RDA Centre. The first site visited by journalists was the Road in Vărzăreşti, Nisporeni rayon, built under the „Development of Transport Infrastructure for the Best Use of Tourism Potential of Center Development Region" Project. Here, the journalists met the President of Nisporeni rayon, Mr.Vasile Bîtca, the Project Manager, Mr. Zagaiciuc Feodor and the Deputy Mayor of Vărzăreşti village, Kiril Gorceac. The journalists also interviewed the project beneficiaries, who seemed to be extremely satisfied with the changes in their village and suggested that the local authorities should make efforts to repair all roads in the village.
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Activities under the Third Workshop on Energy Efficiency
The project "Modernization of Local Public Services, intervention area 2, "Regional Planning and Programming" provides support for the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction and the RDAs in regional planning process in the Energy Efficiency sector in the North, Center and South regions, by implementing the participatory principle. This process is focused on engaging representatives of working groups and other stakeholders in specialized workshops aimed to provide support in decision making on energy efficiency in public buildings at the regional level. The workshops are organized in three regions - North, Center and South and are designed to develop the sectoral planning capacities at regional and local levels.
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Workshop No. 4 on WSS
On October 29, 2013, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction and the Regional Development Agency Center, with the support of the German Development Cooperation through GIZ, held the workshop no. 4 of the Technical Working Group involved in the process of developing the regional strategic plan on Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) under the Modernization of Local Public Services in Moldova Project.
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North Development Region Learns from the Experience of Communities in Romania and Poland to Provide Joint Water and Sanitation Services
20 representatives of the working group responsible for developing the feasibility study on water supply and sanitation services in Riscani rayon (Prut cluster) made a study visit to Romania and Poland between October 31 and November 8, 2013. The visit took place thanks to the support provided through the German Development Cooperation through GIZ "Modernization of local public services in Moldova" project.
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Press Club on Regional Development in Balti
Independent Press Association (IPA) held a press club on regional development.The Press Club was attended by journalists from local and regional media institutions in the rayons of the North Development Region, the Director of North Development Agency (RDA North), Ion Bodrug, managers of regional development projects, leaders of NGOs that are dealing with issues related to regional development. The discussions focused on different aspects of regional development as a national key priority.
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